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Inspiration for Writers, Non-profits & LLCs:

Finish and Fund Your Project

Writing Partner: Pitch Your Script

I act as a writing partner, mentor, manager, and producer to scriptwriters who are developing great concepts. Contact me. I will light a fire under you, then help you perfect your script. I offer another pair of eyes to ensure that the dialogue, characters and scenes are truly finished—and marketable. I will then help you pitch your script and get it produced. I take on ONLY scripts that support certain themes or groups, or that benefit foundations created by unique individuals whose work contributes to the world at large.
“In moments of uncertainty, Sally David is any writer’s dream…”  Michael Francis Gibson, Paris IMDB Profile

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Content Writing & Proofreading

I take on very special writing projects involving content for a good cause or for an individual who is making a contribution to society. Thus—Writers for Good. I also have a team of content writers, proofreaders, SEO experts, and web developers. I enjoy working on projects that are inspiring and upbeat. I will help you move your career or website forward and make a significant contribution to your group or cause. Free initial consultation: contact me.  “Sally helped me move a long-delayed project forward, and brought a professional eye to areas where I was out of my depth.”
Shel Horowitz, Author, Speaker, Columnist & Marketing Consultant




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Brainstorming & Coaching

EVERY writer needs a brainstorming or coaching session. I have been doing this for years (see testimonials) so you’ve come to the right place! This is where I get to teach you one-on-one. Contact me. I love working with students of all ages and will help you figure out your marketing plan, thesis or theme, outline, opening, plot, characters, audience (including people you already know who can help you). Free initial consultation. ”Sally brings a human approach to an often impersonal business. From my first phone call with Sally, I knew she was somebody who could help me make progress with my career.”
Ian Thomas Malone, Founder of and author of A Trip Down Reality Lane, Courting Mrs. McCarthy, and Five College Dialogues

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Grant Writing

I have helped set up non-profits and, through grants, I have raised as much as $500,000 for a non-profit. Grants will help your non-profit grow and define itself. If you want to create a non-profit or find a fiscal sponsor for your projectcontact me for a free initial consultation. FUND your cause! An experienced grant writer, I can also refer you to an attorney in your area who is a decent human being (what a concept!) and can give you legal advice on your non-profit venture.
“Sally is a force of nature. She goes the extra mile–and she’s always available by phone. She also has experience in both non-profit and for-profit filmmaking and publishing.” Robert Rivenbark, Screenwriter, Director, Fiction Writer



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Produce or Publish

Producing a film independently or publishing a book is easy. The question is—are you ready? Is your script ready to pitch? Is your book edited and ready to publish? If you can’t pitch your script or book to your friends, other writers (CAREFUL!) or an agent, you will not be able to pitch it to a producer or financier who will fund it. Through Writers for Good, I help good writers stay on the path to producing their life’s work. Period. Exclamation mark. Free consultation contact me
“Sally is incisive yet patient when critiquing a script, a process that takes place over several reads, not slap-dash. She seeks to understand what the writer is aiming for with each scene, character, and line. She is also accessible by phone and is a terrifically fruitful networker.” 
Yaedi Ignatow, Author and Screenwriter

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Scholarship Finder

At Writers for Good, I can help you find scholarships. I have a daughter in college, and this is a subject close to my heart. First, check out Filling out this information will help you THINK about how many scholarships you qualify for. Then, if you would like a free brainstorming session, just contact meI love helping students become who they are going to college or professional school to BECOME!
“I speak from the heart. Sally, you are truly a blessing and I have so much more faith in my dream being a reality the few times we have spoken. You are really smart and have so much information. More so, you are a real person and I thank you for pushing me to think, to do, and also for pointing me in the right direction.” Dario Shields, Student, Filmmaker, Author




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Dynamic Marketing

What’s Dynamic Marketing? The method by which a website can recognize its users and save information about them to serve them better. As a business person, you need to know who your website visitors or script/ book ‘buyers’ are; then, make them repeat visitors or ‘buyers’ by catering to their needs. Contact me. If you are interested in finding your audience, I will help you find a market for your book, pitch your script—or fund your arts-related project.
“Sally is a tremendous resource: her command of the language and ability to really speak to the audience are awesome. She gets results!”
Mary Pugh, Marketing Consultant, MBA Columbia University

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March, 2014

It Isn’t Easy Being GREEN! St. Patrick’s Day & Purim: What They Share

[my answer will be published on March 17 at 8 am Pacific Time: Look for it, lasses and laddies and menschen ! ]

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